Need to share files?

You are committed to moving all your business processes and software to the cloud. So where do you store your documents and files? Gone are the days of a shared network drive running on a server in the office and using some sort of remote desktop or VPN to access your company files. The Cloud has enabled the ability to access all your documents and files from anywhere, anytime.

Now we all know that all company and client information is private and should be kept that way – so security is paramount!

There are so many File Sharing Software alternatives in today’s market that deciding on the best product is often overwhelming. There are many consumer grade solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc We have decided to compare two solutions – OneDrive for Business (comes with Office 365 Business Premium) and ShareFile (Business)

According to they scored (9.5 for ShareFile vs. 8.8 for OneDrive For Business) and user satisfaction level (99% for ShareFile vs. 97% for OneDrive For Business). So both high scoring solutions…

Additionally, find out the applications that integrate with your current business apps to guarantee even greater productivity.


  • 1TB Storage
  • 15GB file upload limit
  • Cloud storage
  • Cross-platform syncing
  • Mobile application
  • Data loss protection
  • Business collaboration
  • Windows and Mac compatibility
  • Advanced sync technology
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Secure sharing
  • Microsoft phone & email support
  • Search & discover
  • Photos
  • Edit & annotate files
  • Rich previewers
  • Workflow


  • Unlimited Storage
  • 100 GB Max File Size
  • Drag-and-Drop Desktop Widget
  • Folder Creation
  • Granular Folder Permissions
  • SSAE 16 Accredited Servers
  • Custom Visibility
  • Audit Trails
  • Searchable Database
  • User Management
  • Versioning
  • Activity Logs
  • Templates
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • SSL/TLS 256-bit Encryption
  • Outlook Integration
  • E-Signature Software Integration
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Reporting
  • Customer Support
  • Multi-Device Access & Mobile App (Android, iOS)
  • View only sharing


The main benefit of OneDrive is that it’s included in Office 365 Business Premium so there is no extra cost and is tightly integrated with their applications such as Word & Excel enabling easy co-authoring and collaboration.

ShareFile is the winner of our Best File Sharing Software Award. It offers a variety of advanced, secure, and smooth file sharing features to suit the needs of every business.

So which one is better?.

Every business is different and so are their file sharing requirements.

One aspect that will make the decision easier is whether your organisation has to comply with the recent Data Breach Notification Scheme. Generally if you turnover more than $3mil annually or deal with personal information such as those in the health and finance industries, ShareFile has superior security and administrative control features plus ShareFile allows custom branding and the killer feature – View only sharing! You can share a private document and the viewer will not be able to share, download, print or copy.

Overall, we will recommend ShareFile to most clients, however, if you are a very small business and do not share many files, OneDrive for Business may be suitable.

We highly recommend all businesses to conduct an IT & Security Review to assess the best solution.

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