Designed for the solopreneur / microbusiness, CloudSolo includes a full Microsoft 365 subscription which is Windows 10, email, Office 365 + security.
There are many other powerful applications available with this subscription such as Teams, Skype for Business, OneNote & OneDrive for Business.
It also includes 24x7x365 rapid Microsoft support for any issues regarding their products including email and the operating system plus email backups.


Bring your own computers and mobile devices and our CloudPC package is an all inclusive fully managed IT support plan that will include all your licenses and unlimited support for all your devices (laptops, NAS, etc). It is CloudSolo plus much more…


Ideal for multi-site businesses that require a very secure and controlled solution with centralised data. CloudServer is a complete, fully managed and supported small to large business productivity package with high-level security and disaster recovery. Utilises more cost effective thin clients and / or bring your own devices (BYOD) featuring complete separation between business and personal. We are also a registered Citrix Service Provider and have multiple Citrix certified staff members. Includes all the default inclusions of CloudPC including online cyber security training and notifiable data breach response plan.


We highly recommend the peace of mind that is available when utilising a reliable offsite backup of all your devices. Our cloud Backup-As-A-Service uses Sydney based data centres to securely host snap-shots of all your PCs, Servers and even Mobile Devices for effective disaster recovery. This service works great in conjunction with a local network attached storage device for very fast recovery after a device failure, loss even malware attacks such as cryptolockers.


We form a partnership. We are a part of the team. We take away the stress of managing your IT system.

We are part of the InterSync technical team and provide integration services for Xero and QuickBooks.

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